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Relationship on the rocks? Had enough of each other? No communication? I can help!

Learn how to move out of the endless cycle of blame/anger/disappointment into a relationship that feels supportive, loving and passionate again.  Develop awareness, renew trust and learn the new tehcnology of relationships. Using ideas from Non-Violent Communication, attachment theory and human psychology learn tools to create connection. Meet in the comfort of your own home, or dial in from your offices on a secure encrypted video service.

It's challenging enough to meet with all the demands in life let alone attend to our primary relationship! It often ends up last on the list and we assume it should be easy or just work. Our relationships do require work and time. So let this service come to you. Meet when it works for you both without having to rush across town to yet another appointment. This online service makes it simpler and easier and it is just as effective. 
  • Develop awareness
  • Renew trust
  • Learn new skills to enhance intimacy
  • Have fun! 

Our most intimate relationship is often the one that holds the most intensity, the most potential for pain, yet also the most potential for connection and joy. Somehow we tend to attract a partner who knows exactly how to trigger the most painful parts in us and our communication skills go out the window! The whole thing can unravel fast. Aside from our children, our intimate partner is the one person who triggers us in precisely the most painful place. This is often a synchronistic dance. At the exact same moment we are in pain we are most likely triggering their most painful place too.  We both end up drowning.  

However the places of conflict are actually an invitation to heal and change old ways of being in the world. There is huge potential for change and growth packaged in the most conflictual time!  

I work with many different couples; married, common-law, newly together, same sex, transgendered.  Our relationships may look different on the surface yet we all get caught in very similar conflicts and can learn tools to create connection. 

Couples Session: 60 min. session: $150

* in some circumstances prices have be negotiated.  Please click below to pay for these sessions.

I cannot guarantee this work will be covered by extended health coverage. If you are hoping to have coverage let me know and I will send along the relevant information to see if it will be covered.

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