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Emotional Navigational Skills Groups:

Why groups?

Because you need to know you are not alone! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! And how many of us feel like we are!

Because you are not crazy! How many of us fear that if people knew what we were really thinking or feeling they would think we are crazy!

Because we all need support. We are actually hard-wired to seek support and encouragement for our feelings and we do much better when we have a circle of support.

Because we all gain so much from supporting others. Our hearts and minds literally expand when we support others.

Because we all need to upgrade our emotional navigational skills. A fun way to learn tools to increase your inner well-being! Lots of essential skills packed in!

Want to know more about this group?

1.Small groups ( 6 person max!): very safe, enrypted and confidential and extremely supportive ( we take this part very seriously!). 

2.Vital emotional navigational skills to increase your inner well-being quickly and have support along the way.

3.Tailored to the specific challenges you are up against.

4.Learn exactly how to fit each skill into your life and the challenges you are up against.

5. A faciliator (that's me) who absolutely loves running groups, has oodles of experience and is obsessed with sharing ENS ( emotional navigational skills)! 

Will it work with your lifestyle?

Meet weekly for one hour on a secure encrypted online site. We use audio for the group

Access the group from anywhere on your smart phone or computer ( join us from work or in your kitchen)

An audio group so you can be in your PJ's, on a walk or wherever you choose

Time for you to share (and no! you will never be put on the spot to share!)

Opportunities to give and receive support

Weekly videos with a review and the ENS for the week outlined

PDF with Skill for the Week clearly defined and outlined 

Weekly Homework Sheet - prompts to implement action steps to practice your new skills

Weekly feedback form for you to share with me about the group and what you need more or less of!

Is the group for me? A few yes's and no's:

Yes, you must have another support outside of the group to process and address anything that comes up for you in the group. That can be me or another therapist, or support person. 

No, this group is not for you if you are suicidal (you need in-person support)

Yes, you are open to learn, be challenged and commit to the group.

No, you don't think you have the time, money or interest in honing your ENS's right now.

Yes, you are motivated and want to make shifts and grow your life. 

All the logistics:

This group is a two month commitment

Cost:  Pay monthly x 2 =$200 or payment once =$375.  

Just like a gym membership though, if you miss the class you don't get a refund. You will get the videos and PDFS to support you and you can continue to be part of an amazing little supportive group!

The group renews every eight weeks. You can rejoin again as often as you wish. You'll continue to receive the weekly support, learn more about the skills and receive encouragement to keep growing. These emotional navigational skills can be implemented right away but we continue to hone and practice them for a lifetime.

Join one of the follwing groups that fits best in your life:

Tuesday Night Group: 7:30 - 8:30pm est  

Wednesday Noon Group:12-1pm est 

Thursday Morning Group: 10:30 - 11:30am 

Each group is limited to 6 people only!  Contact me below to get registered!

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