First Appointment Info

Congratulations - your journey has begun!  Thank you for reaching out and asking for help.  This is such important work and I am very pleased to be able to work with you and support you every step of the way.  Starting a process like this is perhaps one of the most challenging steps on the journey. So well done! It may feel daunting, exciting and nerve-wracking.  However, long before we take that first step to change our life, the idea has been with us for months, sometimes years and we have been laying the foundation within. We want change and need relief from places where we get stuck again and again and again.  Often it is a crisis that brings us to action. Other times we become so fed up with the perpetual cycle of negative emotions that we literally can't stand ourselves anymore.  Other times we are drawn to therapy out of a desire to create more empowerment in our life. Whatever has led you here, welcome and I am looking forward to accompanying you on your journey. 

For your first visit all you need to do is get connected to the internet or phone.  I will send you an invite to a secure, user-friendly online appointment where we will meet and a couple of  form to complete online. 

During your first appointment we will review these forms and also have ample time to explore the challenges you are up against, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and get a good idea of what our work together will look like. I look forward to meeting you and I am 100% committed to supporting your growth and healing. Let the work begin!

Anxiety? Always feeling stressed and worried about something...
Depression? Not sure what the point is and have no motivation...
Beating yourself up inside? A non-stop negative conversation going on inside...
Angry a lot? Yelling at your loved ones, or people at work more than ever, then feeling so so guilty
Last priority? and get little or nothing in return?