My Approach

I work from the belief that we are all doing the best we can with the tools we have, even though our behaviours can sometimes suggest something quite different. Even if on the surface we appear to be working against ourselves and we are self-destructive, when we scratch the surface and dig a little deeper we start to make sense of ourselves and our lives. We do make sense. We're all taking care of ourselves in the best ways we know how. We all have needs and we either take care of these needs consciously or they come out sideways, unconsiously and cause chaos and trouble in our lives.

As we become aware of the complexity of the feelings we hold, through exploration, we come to see that we are trying, in the only ways we know how, to improve our life.  As a therapist, I am trained  to guide through the often overwhelming terrain of feelings. As you begin to connect with and become aware of feelings you have been holding, they start to release and life starts to shift from the inside out.  As you start to feel differently within your own being everything around you starts to shift. 

The irony is when we start to feel our life, despite how painful it may be, our joy begins to return as well, and our passion for life. Passion is something we are all born with, that never dies, just gets buried with all the difficult feelings that no one ever really taught us how to handle. Once you begin to understand your feelings, they can start working for you, rather than against you.

Psychotherapy helps us grow in our understanding of how we live our life and how we take care of ourselves in our life. Some of us have developed very undermining ways of taking care of ourselves. However, as we learn more about what is going on inside, our fear loses its hold on us and the negative binds we are caught in also loosen.  As a result, we have more room to breathe.  We feel freer to grow and make the changes we want to in our lives.  We learn how to take good care of ourselves and we become stronger. It reminds me of the quote from Louisa May Alcott:

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.

Most of us never learned much about feelings and so often feel overwhelmed and confused about them. We probably manage our feelings much like our parents or caregivers taught us to. However, when we learn to harness the power of our feelings they become a navigational tool for our life.  When we get plugged back in to how we feel, and learn how to hold our intensity, we can use our feelings to guide us to the life we want to live. All the effort that goes in to disconnecting, hostility and numbing feelings can be liberated once we understand the function of feelings, rather than be caught in the judgement of them.

My role is not to fix you nor your life, nor do I see that there is anything to fix. I'm a skilled guide to walk with you through the sometimes challenging terrain of feelings so you can free yourself from unconsious binds and live how you want to live. Wnat to learn more? Click here

Anxiety? Always feeling stressed and worried about something...
Depression? Not sure what the point is and have no motivation...
Beating yourself up inside? A non-stop negative conversation going on inside...
Angry a lot? Yelling at your loved ones, or people at work more than ever, then feeling so so guilty
Last priority? and get little or nothing in return?