Professional Experience

I was born in Boston USA, grew up in England since I was a baby,  moved to Canada in the 1980's and now enjoying living in different areas...currently in Costa Rica.  After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Acting from the University of Guelph, I found my passion for therapy while working and training as an actor. The exploration and techniques I learned to develop a character on stage were skills all people could use in their lives to cultivate self-awareness and healing. I left the drama on stage because I was so drawn to understand the drama in our own minds!

With a strong desire to understand this more I took Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychotherapy, which uses drama, art, music, movement to foster growth and healing and received Master's Degree In Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass in 2000. After completing that I wanted to learn more and so completed an intensive three-year diploma program at the Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy while also working in the field.

Relational Psychotherapy focuses on deepening our ability to have satisfying mutual relationships including our relationship with ourselves..usually the most challenging!  From there I have continued to learn and grow. I have been fortunate to train with wonderful teachers in many different areas from Non-Violent Communication to neuroscience, quantum physics and health.  I enjoy drawing from my diverse experience and pull together specific tools to equip people to fall in love with themselves and create a joyful life. I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario and a clinical member of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists

I have worked as a psychotherapist in private practice in Guelph for over fifteen years. I gained rich and humbling experience working with children and adults in hospice and bereavement centres in Canada and the US, working Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services as a therapist in their children's mental health department. At the Woolwich Interfaith Counselling Centre in Elmira I worked primarily with people who had experienced abuse, grief and trauma. I continue to  consult  with local agencies, such Family and Children's Services and several local foster agencies to assist with issues around attachment.  As a Circle of Security Registered Parent Educator, I provide guidance and support for parent's to deepen their relationships with their children and become freed up from the confinds of consequence-based parenting. I have been a guest speaker at various community events and I do love speaking about understanding our inner world.

I founded Upside Down Cancer, an inspiring and supportive website that offers hope, empowerment and information to people dealing with a serious health challenge and I am often invited to public speaking events to share her passion for health and healing. 

I love this world, love understanding my own inner world and teaching and guiding others to understand their inner world. Equipped with the right understandings and tools we can actually enjoy the drama of our own minds and create lives worth living. 

Anxiety? Always feeling stressed and worried about something...
Depression? Not sure what the point is and have no motivation...
Beating yourself up inside? A non-stop negative conversation going on inside...
Angry a lot? Yelling at your loved ones, or people at work more than ever, then feeling so so guilty
Last priority? and get little or nothing in return?