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Breathing is essential but are you really conscious of it's power? Breathing is our constant connection to life. It comes into the world with us and leaves when we depart. Deeper breathing leads to a longer life. Think of your breathing like a best friend, your closest companion. Take time every day to spend time just breathing. Take deep breaths.  When you are flooded with feelings, use your breath to gradually release them.  When you feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, allow your breath to calm you. Never go anywhere without it!

The fear of death is the fear of life. When we hesitate to live large and bold and bright it is because we are afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid that we might grow to deeply love our life and the people closest to us. If we loved life like that it would be a far greater loss! So our fear to live bold is because we are afraid that we may come to love our life and then lose it all. So because we are afraid to die, we do not live at all! So embrace your death. It is what makes life shine!

Using the expressive arts; writing, drawing, painting, movement, drama etc. has enabled people to recover aspects of their inner world that words alone were unable to reach. Through our creativity, even in a simple paragraph of writing, we can begin to express things that cannot always be spoken.  Enjoy the recourses below as you begin to delve into your own inner landscape and reap the riches that grow inside. 

Feelings, when understood and expressed can be our guide to a thriving existence.  Chances are our parents weren't the greatest examples of how to do feelings either.  So here is where you can learn.  Feelings, when they storm in can ruin our life, yet when understood and expressed can be our guide to a thriving existence. Learn how you can express your feelings and let them become the guidance system for your life.

"Laugh when you can - it is cheap medicine" Lord Byron. Laugh whenever you can. People have healed themselves on laughter alone!

Blow your mind wide open!  You are more magnificent than you have ever imagined!

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens."  Carl Jung

Your vision is like the GPS of your life.  Plug in where you want to go.  Listen to the directions that come from your heart, your inner knowing, from God and you path will unfold. Stop awhile and explore these tools for clarifying your vision. Be bold, be brave and dare to reach beyond what you thought possible.