"Laugh when you can - it is cheap medicine" Lord Byron. Laugh whenever you can. People have healed themselves on laughter alone!







Click here to learn about why laughter works.

Bernie Siegal, M.D. is a wonderful resource and inspiration about healing and the role of humour.

Watch these to learn a bit more about the health benefits of laughter:

One of the best experiences was participating in a laughter yoga session! I was quite hesitant at first, but through some simple exercises I was transported to hysterical laughter without a reason for it and then guided gently back to a state of calm relaxation. I loved it! I felt joyful and peaceful for days after! Check out Laughter Yoga and find a place to experience it in your area. Here's a little taste of laughter yoga, when first introduced to the U.K.:

Below is Dr Madan Kataria, Founder Laughter Yoga Clubs, moving from not wanting to laugh to laughter and explaining a bit more along the way:

He also demonstrates how to get yourself laughing when you are alone and have no interest in laughing. Think of it as essential for your health as taking your morning multi-vitamin:

Now you have no excuse to not start giggling! You don't even need a reason.  Fake it till you make it!

Interested in more laughter information.  Welcome to Healing Cancer Naturally’s Laughter Is Medicine Pages! takes more of an in depth look.

A documentary called Healing, Hope and Humor is a wonderful inspiration that tells of a comedian's journey dealing with cancer.