Blow your mind wide open! You are more magnificent than you have ever imagined! Below are some clips, documentaries and links to open your mind, stretch your ideas of what you believed was possible! 

If you didn't see this on Step 4, check out Dr. Joe Dispenza for a quick bit of inspiration:

Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza's website for lots more information and inspiration.

Here's a few links for some documentaries with Dr. Joe Dispenza.  He will explain how vast our potential really is!

The documentary Your Immortal Brain

Listen to another program with Dr. Joe called Mind Power and Change

Also you can check out his trailer for his book Evolve Your Brain, which is excellent!

Gangaji investigates the most important question you will ever ask yourself. Who Am I....Really. Beautiful video to challenge your ideas of yourself.

Louise Hay is a pioneer of the power of thought for healing.  She created a beautiful movie called You Can Heal Your Life to encourage you to realize the potential that lies within your mind! Below is a youtube version to check out.  Check out her site to purchase.