Online Individual In-Depth Psychotherapy

Online Individual in-dpeth psychotherapy is available if you live in Ontario. Using up-to-date secure encrypted online services you can access therapy simply and easily through a virtual office. It's a user-friendly space where we meet face-to-face online from anywhere you have a wifi connection. You can even download the app to your smartphone. It's convenient and meets you in your life!

Parent Coaching Appointments

What if the goal of parenting was for our children grow up and truly like themselves from the inside out?  What if we had the freedom to focus on just that? What if we felt equipped to parent and to set boundaries and say NO, but also hold our kindness.  What if we could teach our children how to love themselves and along the way perhaps enjoy being ourselves a bit more too....

Presentations, Workshops and Public Speaking Engagements

Need to inspire your staff, your agency or your group and want something different than the usual lunch and learn type of talk???/

Hire me to speak at the next gathering for a suprisingly funny,  engaging and empowering time! I run workshops and experiential trainings for staff, corporations and other groups where getting along is curcial and yet challenging.