Parent Coaching Appointments

What if the goal of parenting was for our children grow up and truly like themselves from the inside out?  What if we had the freedom to focus on just that? What if we felt equipped to parent and to set boundaries and say NO, but also hold our kindness.  What if we could teach our children how to love themselves and along the way perhaps enjoy being ourselves a bit more too....

Our children can push us to the edge. That's their job.  They challenge us to grow beyond our limits. They press us into new ways of being in the world. Often, despite our strongest desires not to repeat what our parents did, we find the exact same words or behaviours bursting out at our children. When exploring parenting we explore our experience as children and how that is alive in our parenting. Our work is to uproot ideas and beliefs that limit our capacity to love and care for our children and learn tools to build empowering relationships with them.

Based on the simplest of ideas about feelings and behaviour, we learn how to balance caring for our own needs and teaching our children how to take care of theirs. This learning can free us up to relax and just have more fun with our children.  

  • Online Therapy: Meet from anywhere. Using up-to-date secure encrypted online services, you can access therapy through instant messaging, voice-to-voice and face-to-face video calling from anywhere you have a wifi connection.  
  • Telephone: All you need is a phone!  Simply book an appointment and I will call you at the appointment time. Simple, easy to book and all you need is a phone.
  • Shift out of power struggles
  • Uproot old parenting paradigms 
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Learn new ways to be with and enjoy your children
  • Enhance your relationships with your children

Session Length: 60 mins

Fee per session: $200


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